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Attune to Wellness with Acupuncture, Herbs and Massage

Office Hours are M-F 9-5pm

We will do our best to accommodate after hours requests for an additional fee. If you are in need of an appointment outside of normal business hours, you will not be able to use the online scheduling. Please text, call or email.  505-730-0918  Tracey@AttuneAcupuncture.Org



Take some time for yourself



Refresh and Renew.  If you're looking for stress relief, general maintenance or to reset to your body mind and spirit, this is the best option. Also good for the first time massage.   Elements of Swedish, Cranio Sacral, and Acupressure will be combined to soothe away stress, calm your mind recharge your body bring balance to your entire system. 




Focused deeper work to enhance training and recovery as well as increase range of motion.  This is your best option if you have regular massage or it has been less than 5 weeks since your last massage and you have specific issues to address.




If you are suffering from an injury or accident, you may need Medical Massage.  Your session will  include orthopedic assessments, NMT

"trigger point", muscle energy techniques, myofascial, and or cross-fiber friction. This is sometimes covered by insurance.





The first session includes a comprehensive intake of your medical history, constitutional assessment and treatment of your chief complaint. Treatment may include acupuncture, cupping, gua sha, moxa, and tuina. Herbs or other take home treatments may be suggested.  Cost of herbs and take home products are in addition to treatment.  




Based in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cupping has received recent fanfare.  Glass cups are used to create suction and provide an inverse massage.  This can help with pain, stiffness, and even the early stages of a cold.  You may schedule this as a stand alone treatment or add on to your massage session.  There are times when cupping is not appropriate and your therapist will use their discretion.  If you are suffering from a cold or flu, do not schedule a massage.  You will want a stand alone treatment or and acupuncture appointment. 




The first session includes a comprehensive intake of your medical history, constitutional assessment.  At the end of your intake we will discuss herbal formulas and food/ dietary therapy. 



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